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Hey sweet girl

Oh bonjour, Deuce! How are you?

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ooc//Changing to closed RP account

Just a warning to those following me, I am making this account to join the roleplay Calling all the Monsters.

This account didn’t take off the way I was hoping it would, so after being accepted in the other roleplay, I’m joining this account with that. You are welcome to keep following me but I cannot interact with those outside the rp unless ooc. You should all totes look into this rp! So far it’s only Deuce and I! You guys should join!

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15 days of favourite things

day 12: favourite cities - paris [4/5]

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Jenifer - Sur le fil

J’adore cette chanson! It is fangtastique!

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so cute!

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Up next: Scareowette, Clawtessa, and The Heartboo-reaker.

Oh, j'adore ceci!

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Notre Dame and a christmas tree. by fleshmeatdoll on Flickr.

Oh, I’m so excited pour Noël!